Tuesday 7 May 2013

1977: THE BIONIC WOMAN COVER GALLERY (Charlton Comics Group)

This is Charlton Comic's four-colour interpretation of THE BIONIC WOMAN, published in the States across 1977-78 and not to be confused with LOOK-IN's contemporary Bionic offerings.

The book only lasted five issues, possibly because the TV show itself was ending or - more likely - because Charlton switched business models around this time to a reprint-only operation starving the title of the means of producing new material.

The BW was due to return to comics, along with Steve Austin, in Rob Liefeld's BIONIX but the title was cancelled pre-launch despite getting as far as pre-launch publicity (Liefeld was already publishing several BATTLESTAR GALACTICA tie-ins, the first since Marvel surrendered the license in the early 1980s).  Dynamite have current revisited, and reinvigorated, the franchise in comics.

And - of course - a rebooted Bionic Woman briefly made it back to TV, only to be scuppered by a combination of falling ratings and a writers strike.  It's generally regarded as being terrible... but not by me, I rather liked it and would have liked to see it continue.

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