Friday, 11 March 2016


From February 1977: the first issue (or "voyage") of the ongoing (rare for the genre) STAR TREK POSTER MAGAZINE aka GIANT POSTER BOOK.

This followed the tried and tested poster mag format but whilst most were one-shots or, at best, only published for a few months, this notched up an impressive seventeen regular issues and a special devoted to STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. The last regular US issue was dated April 1978 with the special appearing more than a year later to coincide with the film's December '79 release. 

Not bad for a magazine devoted to a show that debuted eleven years earlier and failed to see out the sixties. 

This is a British edition that, if the cover date is to be believed, hit UK stores almost six months after the American edition (which was dated September '76: the ship's tenth anniversary). Its not clear whether the UK received all seventeen issues. 

Most of the Trek movies had poster magazine tie ins of some description although not all followed this format. Visual Imagination enjoyed considerable success with a long-running Next Generation version. Titan Magazines clearly hoped their Deep Space Nine equivalent would fare equally well. It didn't. 

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  1. a cover gallery for the usa version can be seen here :

    and the ST:TMP special can be seen here :


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