Tuesday, 1 March 2016


From May 1986: Indeed Saward does. Although his blistering, wash-your-dirty-laundry in public, attack on his ex-employer was saved for the pages of Starburst magazine (a story that was subsequently picked up by the national press and hammered a few more nails into the show's coffin).

Its not as if he bowed out on a high: the show had suffered from a run of sub-par stories (although Resurrection of the Daleks was a cracker) which ropey production values couldn't camouflage. But Eric will be reassured to know that it did get even worse after he went... before a drastic swing back into quality as the BBC was preparing to shutter the series. 


  1. that would have been starburst 97 to be exact which I must now unearth and re-read.

  2. Without a doubt, the vintage era for that mag. David J Howe writing the book column, the late John Brosnan's ' Its only a movie ' page and best of all Paul Mount's Tv Zone ( which continues to this day in the new starburst ) .

  3. What a candid interview in SB, he really tore strips off JNT ! There was also a follow up letter which reminded me of the recent debacle over Steven Moffat in the pages of the current SB. In issue 99, there is a memorable ad in which they note how SB had been mentioned in such newspapers as the Sun and the London Standard. I assume this must be the press coverage you were referring to ?

    I also spotted a striking portrait of the late David Bowie in Labyrinth. This was to advertise a new spin-off title from visual imagination titled POP FANTASIES but I'm not sure if this was ever published ?

    1. I remember reading about the interview in a copy of the DAILY MAIL (possibly a Saturday issue) so it must have reached there too. It can't have done Saward's career prospects much good as no producer wants their failings exposed in public like that.

      I used to have a copy of that particular issue (and may still do buried in a box somewhere) but I've not read it in a long time. Does it have sixties Daleks on the cover? It rings a bell.

      I have seen the house ads for POP FANTASIES too but never a copy. I assume it was published but its unsurprising that copies of a music magazine have not surfaced since. That market must have also been pretty crowded by big players with deep pockets so its not surprising that a small outfit like VI couldn't crack it.

      Much to my surprise, the new issue of CRIME MAGAZINE shipped yesterday, I assumed it had been quietly cancelled.

      The latest edition of the MARVEL "black book" is a nice compilation of Seventies origin stories... including the two-parter from CAPTAIN BRITAIN weekly 1-2 complete with the cheeky "colour it yourself" page.

  4. It was issue 97 with ALIENS on the cover. The ad for POP FANTASIES was in issue 100 or 101.


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