Wednesday 5 September 2012


Here's a House Ad for Marvel's 1982 UK Summer Specials.  Note how the advert, which ran across the UK range, demonstrates M-UK's legendary attention-to-detail by omitting a key word!

To - briefly - run through each:

DRACULA was a strangely-timed (wouldn't this sell better in the darker months of autumn or winter?) TOMB OF DRACULA reprint.  It appeared alongside Marvel's latest attempt at a regular horror title (following DRACULA LIVES and CHILLER POCKET BOOK), the long-forgotten MONSTER MONTHLY (8 issues in 1982). 

ROM I've covered this in its own posting but, just to note, despite a varied UK run, this is the SpaceKnight's only UK solo outing.

SPIDER-MAN was, of course, still appearing in his own weekly (currently in its SPIDER-MAN TV COMIC incarnation).  

THE INCREDIBLE HULK was currently appearing in his own weekly, the second within two years.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR appeared here several months before the launch of their own (albeit short-lived) weekly (their second UK solo title) and probably acted as a pilot for the new title.  

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