Thursday 2 May 2013


BACK ISSUE MAGAZINE 63 (from TwoMorrows) is a must-have for anyone interested in Marvel UK and it's something I should have mentioned a lot earlier.  Whoops.

It has several articles devoted to the Annex of Ideas, notably an overview of the company's action/ adventure titles by Rob Kirby, the chap who's been promising a book about M-UK for well over a decade now.  It's a great (and lengthy) piece but it runs out of steam (or pages) just as Overkill and the Genesis '92 line were getting underway.  That period is just at the margins of the magazine's coverage (its focus is the seventies and eighties) although they have been known to wander into the nineties on occasion.

TITANS also gets a separate, and equally enlightening, piece.

The whole thing is wrapped in a lovely gatefold cover originally created specifically for Marvel UK by the US Bullpen in 1976.  However, the magazine doesn't have too much information about the original purpose of the whopping piece of art so I thought it would be a handy public service to run this M-UK house ad which explains all.

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