Tuesday 10 December 2013


Think of it as a missing page from THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE…

THE MICRONAUTS were firmly established as mainstays of the late seventies/ early eighties Marvel Universe (gosh, they even featured in a four-issue team-up with the X-Men which crossed the Atlantic in the pages of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL), regularly featuring guest-shots by other Marvel characters (a win-win situation: kids who liked the toys might be tempted to pick-up other Marvel books whilst Marvel fans, predisposed to giving the licensed book a wide berth might be motivated to pick it up to see what another character was doing).  Only Rom (another MCU interloper) was off-limits.

Until Marvel scrapped the series, to make way for the ill-fated NEW UNIVERSE, and surrendered the license.  Suddenly, like the aforementioned Space Knight, Godzilla, The Transformers and others, it was as if the 'nauts never lived.

This, a one-page guide to their ship the Endeavor, is the sort of thing that - a few years later - would have been a Handbook mainstay.  It appeared in the 4th issue, cover-dated April 1979.

I'm sure a b&w variation of this page also appeared in MARVEL UK's STAR WARS WEEKLY at some point.

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  1. Your memory serves you correctly, there was indeed a black and white version in Star Wars. I photocopied the page, coloured it in and stuck it on my wall!


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