Monday 28 April 2014


This is a MARVEL UK House Ad for their SUMMER SPECIALS from 1980…

WESTERN GUNFIGHTERS was the first of three specials that raided Marvel's infrequently-seen Western back catalogue.  I've posted about these here.

The CAPTAIN BRITAIN SPECIAL drew from some of the later (possibly because they were originally published in black & white) CB solo strips from a few years earlier.  Dez Skinn dusted off a few more for the pages of HULK COMIC.

WARRIOR WOMEN was an unusually edgy entry starring Shanna and others.  Find the cover here.

YOUNG ROMANCE is one of the rarest Marvel Specials of the period and seldom resurfaces in the secondary market.  That's probably because Marvel's usual collectors and readers passed at the time.  It still spawned the similar YOUNG ROMANCE POCKET BOOK.

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