Tuesday 29 September 2015


From 1991: the original DEATH'S HEAD crosses the Atlantic for a rare US appearance in the pages of THE SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK 24.

Appearances by Marvel UKverse characters (except, of course, it didn't exist when this appeared) outside their own books are so rare that its often easy to overlook them because you just assume they don't exist to begin with.

This has a higher profile than most because it was included in the DH Panini trade paperback collections.

The She-Hulk, somewhat of a second tier title, was by this point in the care of Brits Simon Furman and Bryan Hitch, a dream team combo of DH collaborators that made the guest shot possible. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to convince incoming British Bullpen boss Paul Neary to relaunch the Freelance Peace Keeper in a new limited series, pitched at the States, and he scrapped the project in favour of DEATH'S HEAD II and the start of the UKverse the following year. 

There was, except for the much more recent trade paperback, no contemporary UK edition but it was reprinted in the hard-to-find final issue (12) of THE INCOMPLETE DEATH'S HEAD in late 1993/ early 1994: one of the final titles to emerge before the Genesis Massacre shredded the UK line. 



    as I've noted before, its getting harder to keep up with all of these specials, here is a preview of the latest :


  2. just discovered last night that the recent issue of SFX had a great 4 page article on my favourite movie THE BLACK HOLE !

  3. Hi there. Yup, I spotted the latest SFX/ TOTAL FILM special last Friday. It rather took me by surprise too. I've only read a bit of it but I'm sure they put METAL MICKEY in the wrong decade.

    Look out for the new launch GEEKY MONKEY as well. Its rather good. And has some very high-end advertisers. It looks like its going to be monthly.

    The Panini THUNDERBIRDS bookazine seems to be suffering from patchy distribution. I have found one branch that had copies and they only arrived more than a week after the official publication date. Its well worth getting.

  4. kind of the reverse for me as I only saw the SFX special yesterday but the thunderbirds mag was out last week. Thanks for the heads up on GEEKY MONKEY but I'm not sure if my shops will get this title.


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