Thursday 25 February 2016


From late 1985: another end-of-year double-issue of DOCTOR WHO BULLETIN (aka DWB) to see out the year.

This is issue 29/ 30, adorned with a very eye-catching (and fanboy-pleasing... well, some of them anyway) Caves of Androzani (Davison's swansong from the previous year) cover. 

Kudos to DWB for making these double issues feel like an event rather than just a regular issue bulked out so that the (almost certainly exhausted) editor/ publisher could take a couple of weeks off. 


  1. Slow, do you remember a movie mag called SCREEN INTERNATIONAL ? It was quite similar to VARIETY and was sold quite frequently by TOWER RECORDS. I recently recalled buying one particular issue which had a lovely FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING booklet as a free insert which you can see here :

    I know I still have the booklet, its just a matter of searching my own ' vaults ' to find it. Did you ever see or buy this item ?

    1. I do remember SCREEN INTERNATIONAL although I'm not sure I ever bought a copy. I hadn't actually noted its absence. I recall it being an industry trade paper along the lines of the (still solvent) MUSIC WEEK, BROADCAST, RETAIL WEEK and THE GROCER. In fact, pre-internet, I think any industry of any size had its own weekly or monthly.

      The newsagents of Soho used to be crammed with such periodicals for the creative industry but they were not available elsewhere unless under special order. Although BROADCAST seems to be carried widely by WHS these days.

      I used to have VARIETY under special order from WHS and the editions that appeared during any of the big industry gatherings (MIP, Cannes etc) used to be squarebound mammoths because of the sheer amount of advertising for upcoming (often unmade) product. That's where I first saw an advertisements for New World's never made SHE HULK flick. I wish I had kept some of those issues.

      I think it's safe to say thet SCREEN INTERNATIONAL played a big part in the thought process behind COMICS INTERNATIONAL.

      The BFI, when they were just around the corner from Tottenham Court Road tube, almost certainly held bound volumes for public reference. I recall going there once to read back issues of BROADCAST to research the 1979 ITV strike.


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