Tuesday 3 May 2016


From September 1987: a STARLOG MAGAZINE round-up of the various fan clubs and publications devoted to the recently defunct "V" television series.

Remember: Save your stamps! This list is almost thirty years old!


  1. some nice stuff out today including the latest MARVEL FILE with a captain Britain cover and a much needed binder.

    and marvel are being very generous indeed with a slew of star wars first issue reprints including DROIDS and all for a pound each.

  2. A pound you say? They were a mere 75p in London. You were conned.

    I saw the MARVEL FACT FILE but I stopped buying months ago to conserve cash.

    There was also the new issue of Titan's STAR WARS MAGAZINE with a brief two-page spread on the original SW strip that TV TIMES published to coincide with the ITV movie premiere way back when.

    There's a new STAR TREK PARTWORK being tested in selected areas: it reprints Trek strips from the last fifty years (or thereabouts) along similar lines as the current Marvel/ DC/ Dredd hardbacks. I managed to get hold of acopy of the first one and it looks good. I hope it generates enough interest for a full launch. Its worth noting that neither the BUFFY nor GERRY ANDERSON strip collections survived the pilot stage.

  3. I should have said a euro each ,at least here in Dublin.

    thanks for the heads up on those items. That would have been back in 1982. I remember the tv times cover but not the strip.

    and that would be the STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION you referred to ? It looks promising. Trek is certainly in good health with a new movie and tv series on the way.

  4. eaglemoss have also launched another partwork titled THE MARVEL MOVIE COLLECTION which is a figurine / mag combo.


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