Thursday, 11 August 2016


From January 1999: the special free one-week-before-launch preview issue of HEAT magazine.

This wasn't the same Heat that became a sizzling success (possibly one of the last great magazine success stories before the internet made real inroads into the industry) with an understanding line-up of celebs, gossip, fashion and interviews.

When it started It was positioned as the British version of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: a concoction of up-to-the-minute news and features focused across the entertainment spectrum. IPC sunk huge amounts into a strong editorial line-up, TV advertising, hoardings on Soho newsagents and - of course - this glossy giveaway.

Unfortunately the punters didn't flock in any great numbers and it looked like IPC had a hugely expensive dud. Until they reworked it and dropped the entertainment in favour of OK style celebrity coverage... and circulation figures soared. It was at they moment that I stopped buying it.


  1. I never expected to see HEAT on this blog any more than the CARRY ON movies but you are absolutely right about it's first year.

    They had three covers alone devoted to THE PHANTOM MENACE, one of which was lifted from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

    a shame it devolved into a tacky celeb mag and its even tackier now after an ill advised redesign.

  2. I remember checking out Heat after the remarkable (and much-complained about) television advertising campaign. I racked up many of the early issues which contained a plethora of interesting information, at least for the time.

    When the publishers decided to change the target demographic and alter the magazine, I still bought it out of habit for a month or two just for the TV listings. That was about all I could stand before I realised it had become unreadable trash.


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