Wednesday 7 June 2017


From 1995: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA returns to comics (for the first time since the Marvel years over a decade earlier) as reported in STARLOG MAGAZINE.

Mximum Press (a bolt hole for publisher/ industry villain Rob Liefield when things got too hot at Image Comics) enjoyed some success with their take on the long-slumbering franchise, eventually publishing a bunch of mini-series (and booking a slot in the company's anthology), before stuttering to a hallt.

Most of it is hard to find unless you stumble across a dealer who has some in stock.  They don't tend to sell for much... there just wasn't much demand for them so copies are few and far between.  Only the first four-part series, set twenty yahrns after the TV show... and ignoring GALACTICA 1980... was ever collected into a trade paperback.  Which is - of course - decades out-of-print as well.

The complete run was:

  • BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (4 issues + the trade paperback reprint)
  • THE ENEMY WITHIN (3 issues)
  • STARBUCK (3 issues)
  • APOLLO'S JOURNEY (3 issues.  Written by Richard Hatch)
  • JOURNEY'S END (4 issues)
  • ASYLUM (a BG strip appeared in 1-5, 7-8, 10. A single-page pin-up appears in 6)
  • THE COMPENDIUM (collects the BG strips from ASYLUM 1-4, 10)
  • SPECIAL EDITION (collects the BG strips from ASYLUM 4-5, 7)
ASYLUM 6 also included a SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN/ BIONIC WOMAN story, the first outing of what was intended to be an ongoing revival of the Universal franchise.  

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