Wednesday 29 February 2012


This is the first issue of THE LUCASFILM FAN CLUB magazine (October-December 1986), official successor to THE STAR WARS FAN CLUB and the BANTHA TRACKS newsletter.

The glossy-but-flimsy (16 pages!) affair, published by the people behind the equally insubstantial OFFICIAL STAR TREK FAN CLUB, was launched to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of THE NEW HOPE.  Unfortunately, it coincided with a particularly unproductive time in the Star Wars 'verse (the spin-off TV projects had been cancelled, Marvel had shuttered their long-running comic book and new novels and comics were still years away) so there wasn't much to say.  But Anthony Daniels can always be relied upon to provide an interview.

Renewed interest in the saga (both within Lucasfilm and in the real world) has led the magazine to evolve, through various incarnations, to the current Titan-published STAR WARS INSIDER magazine.

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