Wednesday 29 February 2012


To celebrate the (unexpected, but most welcome) return to print of STARBURST MAGAZINE, here's the cover and selected interior pages from issue one, published by Dez Skinn (pre-Marvel!) in January 1978 (coinciding, if you hadn't guessed, with the UK release of STAR WARS).

The Star Wars-themed cover had to be amended slightly (added Spock!) to avoid stepping on the toes of official license-holders Marvel UK.

Starburst, and Skinn, joined the Marvel fold shortly thereafter.  Skinn didn't stay for long (but launched DOCTOR WHO WEEKLY before he went) but Starburst stuck around until 1985 before it was sold-on to Visual Imagination.

The original incarnation clocked-up 365 issues (to 2009) before VI succumbed to the declining magazine market. 

It also spawned spin-off Poster Magazines (EXCALIBUR and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK), two hardback annuals (during the M-UK era) and numerous specials and yearbooks under VI's ownership.

Before VHS... there were home projectors!

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