Friday 2 August 2013


Travel back exactly 31 years to August 1982 and issue 24-27 of Marvel UK's SCOOBY-DOO AND HIS T.V. FRIENDS weekly.

And... what's the real reason Scoob is going after Scrappy... with scissors?



  1. One of my earliest memories is watching Scooby Doo, Where Are You - the original opening titles are on Youtube - long before the atrocious Scrappy Doo came along I'm glad to say !

    1. Hi Colin

      I was a huge fan of the original cartoons when I was little. They must have been a near-perenial fixture of the BBC ONE children's schedules of the time. I distinctly remember being very excited about its imminent return, after a break, heralded by a trailer. The trail was actually the opening titles of the Scrappy era (discarded puppy in a box and all that) although I'm not sure Scrappy himself was revealed until the first episode. Although the show was still superficially similar (especially compared with later instalments which veered more and more from the "Where are you?" formula), I remember thinking "something's not right here... this is different... they've ruined it" and my eternal dislike of Puppy Power was born.

      He made his first appearance in the States in 1979 so his British debut must have been sometime after that.

      I've got the original 1969 series on DVD and - despite their formulaic approach and production limitations (the stock animation issue is so pronounced that - in one episode - Scooby appears to be in two places at once during the showcase chase) - they're still a lot of fun.

  2. Yes, I always thought the monsters/ghosts were really scary even though it was always somebody in a mask trying to scare people away from a secret gold mine or something similar- the gang never seemed to cotton on either !


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