Tuesday 13 May 2014


This is a page, featuring the Colonial Viper from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, from the 1978 one-shot book/ magazine FAMOUS SPACESHIPS OF FACT AND FANTASY.  

There were similar pages devoted to the Cylon Raider, Moonbase Eagle, X-Wing Fighter, T.I.E Fighter and the TV-era Enterprise and I'll post them here from time-to-time.

The 'ketchup' stain is a design quirk… honest.


  1. STILL my favorite space fighter, just about even to the Space:1999 Eagle Transporter.

    "The daydreams I still hold so close...."

  2. MARVEL UK watch...

    Marvel Fact Files #55 features a 3-page fold out on Death's Head, covering incarnations 1, 2 and 2-revised (the bigger, sleeker design which I think Bryan Hitch may have been behind). Published by Eaglemoss in the UK, came out late June 2014.

    (Unrelated to this entry, but I know some people check the comments here and may be interested in this.)

    Hope all is well with you, Slow Robot. Miss your great entries.

  3. that makes two of us krusty..to think that back then, we were getting 3-4 new entries per day..!

    it was this very blog that stoked my intrest in Deaths head...he also recently appeared in the usa comic X-MEN SPECIAL...maybe you saw this one..?

    The marvel fact files are tough to find but worth the effort. Just read that SFX COMIC HEROES is to cease publication. god knows why since intrest in comics and comic book movies has never been higher.

  4. Hi Ed,

    Specific back copies for Marvel Fact Files can be easily ordered from publisher Eaglemoss here:

    SFX Comic Heroes always seemed hugely overpriced to me, especially as it often amounted to a magazine padded with promotional posters and comics that most comic shops give to customers for free.

  5. thanks for the link krusty...i've been able to get the more recent issues plus the figurine specials

    I havent seen the new ( and last ) issue of comic heroes yet so i'm not sure if they give a reason for cancelling the mag....my guess is that the sales went down when they changed the format and put up the price......to me the ' wallet ' packaging was far more attractive and enticing..and cheaper...there was no reason to change it...maybe sales were falling even then..

    I wonder if slow robot still buys all this stuff...?....nice to still see some activity on this blog....


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