Tuesday 29 July 2014


More BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (or… a close approximation of it), this time from MARVEL UK's FRANTIC WINTER SPECIAL, published in late 1979.

Dez Skinn had previously been the boss at the British edition of MAD MAGAZINE so it's no wonder that he'd repeat the formula at his new new home.  

This was the second FRANTIC one-shot (following Skinn's tried-and-tested piloting process before committing to a regular launch) and was followed by a monthly the following year.

I imagine that this strip was reprinted from the 47th issue of Marvel's US MAD imitator CRAZY MAGAZINE although I don't have a copy to hand to double-check.  

The cover art is recycled from CRAZY issue 16, published in the States during the 1975 festive season (and cover-dated March 1986).

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