Wednesday 30 July 2014

1983: RETURN OF THE JEDI issue 9 (Marvel UK)

How to hide a cock-up the MARVEL UK way:

1. Make a whopper of a spelling mistake on the cover...

2.  Arrange for the freebie to be taped over the offending typo so that it only becomes obvious once the gift has been removed.  Sorted.

I've covered this infamous blunder before but, until recently, I've only had a copy of RETURN OF THE JEDI issue 9 with the gift long since detached.  Recently I stumbled across a copy (for the princely sum of £1) with the badge still in-situ and discovered their crafty solution.  

The badge was clearly intended to sit top-left in the convenient gap.  Nice and visible even if the comic was partially obscured on the retailer's shelf.  

Well done CYRIL!

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