Friday 2 October 2015


From 1991: Starlog celebrates its most durable crowd pleaser/ puller (and the reason it was launched to begin with) with a 25th anniversary salute to the STAR TREK franchise.

Its scary to think this typically uncritical (well, it was licensed by the studio), photo-centric, overview was on sale 24 years ago. Time has certainly warped past fast.

The slapped together cover boasts a silver ink finish so typical of the era.

I imagine we can expect the fiftieth anniversary reprise next year, probably from Titan Magazines. And possibly without the premium ink. They already have their traditional "best of" bookazine on the schedules for the end of this year (along with the annual STAR WARS edition and new compilations of mold material from the defunct BUFFY and X-FILES magazines). 

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  1. also due out from titan next week is issue one of HEROES REBORN, you can see the eye-catching cover here:


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