Thursday 31 March 2016


From the random scans file: a copy of the quarterly US magazine HORROR FAN from back in 1989.

I found this recently for a pound and decided to pick it up as an example of the title. 

Incidentally, the Englund take on PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has recently been released on shiny disc. I grabbed a copy in the Fopp Halloween promotion last year... but I've yet to find the time to see it. I'm not expecting great things. 

Its funny how the editor managed to shoehorn in the (severely underrated) CAPTAIN AMERICA movie into what is obviously a horror mag. US audiences had quite a wait to see this post-Cannon clunker. 


  1. what a garish looking cover.

    you really think that cap movie is underrated ?

    I remember it had some good action scenes at the very least.

    just wondering if you plan to continue with the SPIDERMAN - ZOIDS gallery ?

    1. I liked the CAP AM movie when I saw it a few years ago. It was what it was but I appreciate the low-fi charm. Mind you, I also like the two 1970s tele-flicks and no one, including me, is going to be able to defend them as high art.

      The Spidey and Zoids gallery took a break for Easter but will return next week. Stay tuned,


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