Wednesday 7 December 2016


From August 1991: Leonard Nimoy is the subject of the second issue of Personality Comics' unofficial biography comic book STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL CREW.


  1. a lot of nice stuff out today, some of it you mentioned before such as the star wars insider special and the batman book. The wrap-around utility belt was a nice touch. My FP only had the one copy.

    also out are the latest versions of the 100 GREATEST COMICS and THE SUPERHERO MOVIE COLLECTION, now on their 4th and 5th editions respectively.

    The new SFX comes in a lovely card wallet with an extra mag and stickers. Its been a long time since the mag was packaged like this.

    SFX also have out their latest bookazine, THE COMPLETE SCI-FI HANDBOOK.

  2. Add to the list the latest issue of CRIME SCENE, the new DOCTOR WHO graphic novel/ reprint collection from Panini and the first issue of the BIONIC WOMEN/ WONDER WOMAN crossover.

    And the RODDENBERRY VAULT BR, a compliment to last week's ANIMATED TREK release.

  3. Oh... And issue 24 of BLEEDING COOL. I'd assumed it had quietly gone out of business.

  4. thanks for the heads up on CRIME SCENE and thanks again for the STARBLAZER post, it brought back some nice memories and led to some amusing discoveries such as the Flash Gordon rip-off cover !

    Its been a long time since I've seen an issue of BLEEDING COOL.

    Some amazing footage of classic trek on the Roddenberry vault br, truly this is lost treasure.


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