Monday 12 December 2016


From December 1996: The first CULT TIMES spin-off special.

Its been had to miss the huge dump bins popping up in stores across the land as the traditional festive double issues of the TV listings magazines go on sale. The first sighting of the bumper RADIO TIMES is a sure sign that Christmas is coming. However, for the past few years I've found that I've bought that traditiinal whopper... and then not looked at it once throughout the holiday season.

Regadless, it reminded me of the first CULT TIMES SPECIAL, a festive themed issue with the Christmas season geek tv listings for cable and satellite. Terrestrial TV, with more erratic schedules and weekly rather than monthly press days (geared to the publishing schedules of the weekly rather than monthly telly mags), were generally treated on a 'best guess' basis.

The cover stars should come as no surprise.

Visual Imagination's CT launched in October 1995 and eventually clocked up 159 issues through to the end of 2008 when the publisher went bust. This was the first of 47 specials published on a quarterly schedule.

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