Wednesday 2 August 2017


From 1975: Relaunch alert!  VALIANT gets a last-ditch reboot as sales drop through the floor.

It doesn't even rate a mention on the cover (it's one of the other 'two exciting new stories' starting this issue) but this is the first appearance of tough cop ONE-EYED JACK, the DIRTY HARRY-alike recently returned to the streets in a new collected edition from Rebellion.  Readers of the EAGLE in the 1980s will remember the curiously-dated cop as well.

The relaunch, under the watch of John Wagner, was a creative success but couldn't reverse falling sales.  The weekly, launched back in 1962, folded into BATTLE the following October after 730 issues... taking OEJ with it.

VALIANT (not to be confused, of course, with VICTOR or VALOUR) was no stranger to mergers itself, having been IPC's go-to title for closures for two decades.  Sharing the masthead, at one time or another, were KNOCKOUT (1963), SMASH (1971), TV21 (1971), LION (1974) and VULCAN (1976).

Spin-offs included the usual annuals, specials and the VALIANT PICTURE LIBRARY (an in-name-only spin-off) launched in the summer of 1963.


  1. Typo alert--"the weekly, launched back in 1982"? I'm guessing maybe '62??

    Sorry to be the one to point it out, Slow. The article is excellent otherwise, and I always enjoy visiting your Aladdin's Cave of a blog.

  2. Fixed! I thank you!

    And thank you for the find words as well!


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