Wednesday 16 August 2017


From  around now back in 1995: THERMAL LANCE issue 25 and a line-up of of-the-time telefantasy shows which - with one exception - have been all but forgotten about today.  Plus STAR TREK of course.  

This is also the 300th STARLOGGED post of the year.  Yay!


  1. well done Slow, any chance of reaching 400 posts by xmas ?

    I wonder which version of trek they referred to as being crap ?

    speaking of which, the new issue of SFX is a trek special and very nicely packaged with a book and art card. I'm liking the look of STAR TREK DISCOVERY more and more.

    Pick of the week must go to the PLANET OF THE APES ARCHIVE VOL.1, a hardback collection of the old marvel comic from BOOM.

    by coincidence, the latest issue of the prequel comic to WAR OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was also out today.

    The latest JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE has an article on Marley the fox ( from BUSTER ) and the bagged comic is THE LAWLESS TOUCH, culled from the pages of TORNADO.

  2. The POTA book is very nice albeit with a high ticket price - but it is a shame that it did not include any of the covers from the British weekly. Maybe that is something planned for one of the future editions. This is the first time these strips have been in print since the Adventure Comics reprints of the early 1990s.

    Nice to see a new paperback bagged with the new SFX. A return to the good ol' days. Interesting to see that it does not appear to have a sponsor either. The TNG art print is from an upcoming Titan Book. A follow-up to the TOS one of a year-or-two ago.

    I would also add to the pile the new issue of BACK ISSUE magazine, devoted to the BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES. And, of course, the new issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY with the choice of two STAR WARS covers.

  3. a further addition - the new issue of RECORD COLLECTOR has a really nice article on cult tv themes.

  4. the STAR WARS SOURCEBOOK which you previously covered here :

    is due for re-release along with the RPG as seen here :

  5. Out today - the new TRANSFORMERS part-work with material from the uk comic.

    a new part-work has also hit the shops - 2000 AD THE COLLECTION.

    and the latest issue of HORRORVILLE has an article on the under-rated horror movie THE MEDUSA TOUCH.

  6. also keep an eye out for the latest EMPIRE special as seen here :

  7. The 2000AD partwork had a previous test launch so it is good to see it have a full national roll out. I think I will just cherry-pick the books that I want as I don't have the money - nor the space - to collect ever edition. The fancy spice art doesn't matter to me as I just leave them scattered all over the place.

    The same is true for the TRANSFORMERS PW. I get the ones that contain Marvel era stuff but pass on anything from the Dreamwave and IDW eras.

    There was also a new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA OMNIBUS (read: fat trade paperback) this week reprinting some of the strips spun-off from the reboot.

    I had to do a double-take with the new HORRORVILLE as - for some reason - it looked a lot like the old one to me. I like THE MEDUSA TOUCH, someone really needs to do a detailed retrospective of the ITC film releases as there were some crackers (not always good crackers... but crackers none the less) in the list.

    There are new issues of DARKSIDE and INFINITY coming soon... next week I'd guess.

    The updated SFX/ TOTAL FILM BEST TV bookazine hit London on Sunday/ Monday depending on the store.

  8. The same for me, I only get the ones I really want but I always get the first one as its cheap. I try my best to keep everything in its proper place but I still lose track of certain items.

    One of those ITC crackers would be THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL.

    Even RAISE THE TITANIC has a great score by John Barry.

    The new issue of DARKSIDE will have a cover story on SALEM'S LOT.

    due out this week - the new issue of DR WHO with an article on the history of the show in the usa plus the new TOTAL FILM with a cover story on BLADERUNNER 2049 plus freebies.

    Btw Slow, can you recall what SHADOWSPHERE issue 2 covered on VIRTUAL MURDER, was it an episode guide ?

  9. I was surprised to get a mention in the new issue of ESSENTIAL X-MEN, in relation to my previous letter on the old uk x-men comic from the 1980s.

  10. due out today - the new issues of TOTAL FILM and SCI-FI NOW plus the latest edition of SCI-FI ICONS, a Stephen King special.

  11. more bookazines have hit the shelves - updated editions of THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SCI-FI MOVIES and THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FANTASY.

    also nice to see a new collected volume of MODESTY BLAISE strips.

  12. Bookazine's are clearly the gift that keeps on giving... a few minor updates and a new print run and you can have the same old material sitting on the shelves for another six months. And I doubt they cost any more than a usual magazine to produce (often less if some of the contents are recycled) yet they can generate higher margins by whacking an extra couple of quid on the cover price.

    I picked up the new Kim Newman film review book, the new STAR WARS VISUAL REFERENCE BOOK, the third part of the HASBRO SOURCEBOOK and various other sundry bits and bobs. It's really starting to feel like the first books of the Christmas sales period are starting to hit the shelves.

    There was also a couple of new hefty Marvel reference books.

  13. that would be VIDEO DUNGEON , culled from the pages of EMPIRE.

    Kim Newman also writes reviews for SIGHT&SOUND and THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

  14. just came across a very nice item in my local newsagent, an ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY special on Stephen King.

  15. The EW KING SPECIAL has also hit some - but not all - branches of WHS as well. I picked up a copy yesterday along with DARKSIDE, INFINITY and the new STAR TREK GN hardback (reprinting some more of the MARVEL PRESENTS PARAMOUNT COMICS material). The current JUDGE DREDD COLLECTION, which I stopped buying a long time ago, reprints the JUDGE CHILD QUEST so Star Age fans with no interest in the more modern stuff (although there's some colour strips in the back) should look out for it.

    The new INFINITY has a good - but not great (I think it needed a bit more space... it feels like it had been subbed quite heavily to fit) - article on the 'hardware' shows of the 1980s like KNIGHT RIDER, STREETHAWK, HIGHWAYMAN etc. It's written by Jon Abbott, one-time publisher of AMERICANA, and master of churning this sort of stuff out.

  16. I've yet to find a copy of INFINITY but the Alien cover looks really nice.

    speaking of the Star Age , we have just lost another actor from that era - Richard Anderson who starred in The Six Million Dollar Man.

    1. And - of course - the exact same gig on the BIONIC WOMAN... at least until the show swapped nets for the final season.

      He also took basically the same role in the ill-fated Larson show COVER UP. I watched the pilot over the weekend although Anderson doesn't get much to do and basically phones it in.

  17. He was outstanding in the second Kolchak movie THE NIGHT STRANGLER.

    although I don't own a copy, STARLOG issue 4 had a really nice art cover of him with a ' special personal interview. '

    Something that magazine excelled at.

  18. I was less impressed with NIGHT STRANGLER compared with NIGHT STALKER but I should probably break out the DVD again at some point and give it another spin.

    He has more to do in the second episode of COVER UP... a variation on the well-used serial-killer-bumps-off-top-models plot beloved of shows from that era.

  19. a LOT of goodies out today :

    BACK ISSUE 100 has material on fanzines.

    STAR WARS : THE MARVEL UK COLLECTION - a very pricey hardback but its nice to see all of this material in one volume.

    2000AD is about to reach its 2050th issue.

    DARKSIDE has a great cover article on SALEM'S LOT which scared the hell out of me as a teen. A timely tribute also to the late Tobe Hooper.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find myself mentioned ( again ) in a letter , this time form SIGHT & SOUND, regarding the paucity of cult movies on uk tv.

  20. according to Lew Stringers blog , COMIC HEROES has just shuttered for the second time.

  21. I heard about a week ago that it looked like COMIC HEROES had been cancelled again but decided not to report it as it appeared to be hearsay rather than direct from the editor or publishr. Although I had no reason to believe it wasn't true. It doesn't come as much as a shock tbh. I just thought the whole thing seemed curiously uncommercial since the relaunch. Future should be celebrated for NOT going down the obvious movie/ TV tie-in route... but it might have helped them shift a few more copies. I imagine they didn't want to canabalise sales from their existing SFX, SCI-FI NOW, TOTAL FILM, assorted bookazines and SCI-FI ICONS titles. The hefty-for-a-magazine cover price and erratic schedule didn't help either. The latest/ last issue came as a bit of a surprise when it surfaced in WHS... and apparently surprised WHS as well as the recall note for the previous issue obviously hadn't gone out at the same time as two branches were still stocking the previous issue as well as the current one. Each issue had the whiff of this 'this will be the last'. All that said, it is astill a loss when any magazine closes and it feels like we are loosing more than we are gaining at the moment.

    The new issue of BACK ISSUE is really nice. I'd have loved to see more coverage of COMICS INTERVIEW, AMAZING HEROES, MARVEL AGE and COMICS SCENE but there is plenty to read and enjoy in this fandom-centric issue. I love a good fanzine so i will be devouring this issue in some detail. The nexty issue (in two months) looks like it will be a cracker as well! Funnily enough, I picked up the Alice Cooper issue of MARVEL PREMIERE at the weekend.

  22. The two reheated FILM and FANTASY TOTAL FILM/ SFX bookazines have now (as of Monday) landed in some London branches of WHS. Distribution is patchy it seems.

    The STAR WARS MARVEL UK whopper is indeed a pricy tome. The most I have paid for a book in a very long time... and it really did make me pause before I purchased. I will have to pass on a bunch of other purchases to justify the outlay. The pill was slightly sweetened by finding my fav London comic shop was selling it foe a fiver less than the others. But, despite the price, it is a very nice collection of Marvel UK contents and covers aimed at a very niche market. Finally, the whole world will be able to read the complete adventures of C.Y.R.I.L the Editor Droid and attempt his weekly makes. I can imagine some hardcore SW fans thinking 'what the frack' when they unwrap the plastic and see what they have purchased. But it is all part of the fun.

    You'll notice that the contents are a little different to the original solicitation. Marvel had planned on including the 1978 MARVEL COLLECTORS EDITION one-shot magazine published in the UK (and heavily plugged in the UK weeklies). Close to deadline they realised that it was actually a UK edition of an American magazine that Marvel had just licensed for the UK... and had to pull it from the book.

    I acted as an unofficial 'consultant' on the project (Imagine: my credit in an actual Marvel book! I'm chuffed... even if I still had to buy my own copy) and I supplied some of the previously missing scans. I was also able to supply some additional material that the Editor had been previously unaware of. It's quite fun to flick through and - from time to time - think 'that one's thanks to me'.

    That said, the editor had a firm grasp of Marvel UK's STAR WARS output. I was just able to throw in some bits-and-bobs that had been overlooked.

    It seems that Marvel New York don't hold file copies of any Marvel UK material. Either it was never sent across by the London office or, if it was, it has long since been lost or destroyed.

    Well done for the nod in SIGHT AND SOUND. It's not a magazine I buy but the cover of the new issue caught my eye in the newsagent. I'm looking forward to seeing IT as well. I'm a big fan of the first night of the mini-series... less so for part two because the adults aren't anywhere near as much fun. And the ending was a tadge of an anti-climax.

    The new issues of the Titan STAR WARS and STAR TREK magazines also landed yesterday. The SW one has a fun STAR WARS storm trooper action figure cover for some reason.

  23. I'm afraid I wasn't able to look inside that volume as it was sealed and way too expensive to buy.

    Its nice that you were given a credit but they could have sent you a free copy also !

    I do seem to recall you being asked to discuss this project under one of your entries for ESB weekly or monthly.

    that STAR WARS INSIDER cover sounds like a subscriber edition.

  24. It was Jeph York who asked you, under an entry for ACTION FORCE.

  25. out today :

    as with the recent DARKSIDE, the new issue of SCREAM has a cover story on SALEM'S LOT.

    the new SFX comes bagged with a free booklet on star trek : the next generation.

    and the latest 2000 AD part-work is Halo Jones, inspiration for THE BALLAD OF HALO JONES musical which you covered here recently.

  26. quite a lot of stuff out today :

    STAR TREK UK STRIPS VOLUME 3 - with some very nice supplementary material.

    HOWARD THE DUCK VOL.4 - maybe not to everyone's taste but again with some very nice extras.

    STAR WARS A NEW HOPE THE OFFICIAL CELEBRATION SPECIAL - a rather unwieldy title for this one-shot spin-off mag from STAR WARS INSIDER.

    New bookazines from future publishing - THE SFX ANNUAL and THE TOTAL FILM ANNUAL.

  27. Yup. Lots of new goodies.

    I was expecting to see more in the way of extras in the STAR TREK volume... it would have been nice to see the covers of the World Annuals, FUTURE TENSE, the Marvel UK specials etc. They were considered but then dropped for space (ahem) reasons. I guess we were a little bit spoilt by the M-UK STAR WARS book the week before.

    Lots of new magazines as well: I picked up the STAR WARS SPECIAL (I believe a hardback version is also on the cards in the near future), HORRORHOUND, FILMFAX (with tributes to Adam West and Martin Landau) and RUE MORGUE, because it is an anniversary issue. I didn't get a chance to look at any of them last night.

    The third omnibus of PLANET OF THE APES novelisations is also now out... covering the TV series adaptations.

    I will look out for the two new bookazines from Future when I grab this week's new DWM. They sometimes take a while to reach London so I will not be shocked if they don't surface for a while longer.

    Also worth grabbing I suspect: The oral history of BUFFY AND ANGEL (errr...). I'm not a fan of either show so I passed but it looked like the sort of book - if you liked the shows - that you could really sink yer teeth into.

  28. still a lot of nice images in that trek volume, for example the toy ads and the puzzle slides, some very rare stuff there.

  29. in what now seems to be a monthly tradition for TOTAL FILM , their latest issue comes with a free mag / booklet on 80's movies.

  30. my FP has finally re-opened their basement although its only for toys, there is no indication that they will expand their magazine section.

    However they did have a HORRORHOUND special on Bram Stokers Dracula.

    Also out today - a free issue of FOOM ! - nice to see it return.

    also nice to see Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter return in comics form although the art makes him look more like Solomon Kane.

    The new STAR WARS 2018 ANNUAL.

    And the 100 GREATEST SCI-FI CHARACTERS bookazine is now on its third edition.

  31. After a flurry of stuff over the last few weeks, there was virtually nothing of interest this week. I picked up the KRONOS with the Caroline Cover... and that is about it.

    Good to see the first STAR TREK DISCOVERY paperback out within days of the premiere (which I enjoyed) but i didn't bother picking up a copy as I know I will never get around to reading it.

    And I also skipped on th third volume of the new 2000AD hardbacks because it's a story/ character I'm not interested in.

    I've not seen copies myself but I have heard rumblings online that Hachette are testing two MARVEL partworks at the moment... hardbacks centred around AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (which - one assumes - taps into the title's vast inventory... and possible the solo lives of the main players as well) and the other around DEADPOOL. I imagine they are each being tested in different areas. London, as usual, does not appear to be being used for either trial.

  32. the new star trek show has had mixed reviews but it does look good and I would certainly get that novel if I came across it.

    The fact is I don't actually read most of the stuff I buy. Usually a new mag or book will just get a quick browse and then I store them away.

    thanks for that heads up on the marvel part-works but who knows when or if they will appear.

  33. the new SCI-FI ICONS is due out tomorrow, a BLADERUNNER special.

  34. Two new books in the STAR TREK COMICS hardback series landed yesterday: the usual fortnightly (another collection of the TV21 strips from the 1960s) and - in the more fancy format - the TREK/ LEGION OF SUPERHEROES team-up.

    The 14.99 price tag on the more pricy edition is a little cheeky (the format is not much different to the usual editions... just with a dust jacket wrapped around) but it still works out cheaper than buying a standard hardback or softback edition.

    The next issue will be the one to watch... the first compilation of strips from the MARVEL PRESENTS PARAMOUNT COMICS era: STAR TREK VOYAGER. This is also the first book in the series to use material that IDW have not previously published in a different book form. So it will be interesting to see how good the pages look and whether any clean-up has been done. Off the top of my head, I think it might also be the first compilation of strips from the entire Paramount Comics run.

  35. thanks for all that info although I must confess I only ever bought the first one since it was cheap.

  36. not much to report on this week except for some new collections of DRACULA and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT.

  37. I grabbed some good goodies this week...

    SLUGFEST - The history of marvel and DC Comics. Judging from what I've read so far it lacks a little detail (New World's ownership of Marvel... which should have catipulted it into movies and Tv in a bigger way than it did) is covered in a sentence. The takeover of Malibu is covered in two pages etc.) but stll looks like it will be a good overview of the industry.

    I foget what it is called but there is a DOCTOR WHO RECORDS BOOK (in the Guiness tradition) which isn't as dumb as it sounds and looks like it will be a good read. It certainly looks like a lot of work has gone into the text.

    MOVIE GEEK from Den of Geek looks like it is going to be a great read with the whole industry sliced-up into bite-sized chunks.

    CAPTAIN SCARLET VAULT is a little misleading as it doesn't have the paper inserts that the 'vault' title suggests but it is going to be a great read. Every episode of the original series is covered in depth but there are also long pieces on every aspect of the show... including the comics and the popular beat combo 'Spectrum'. The revival doesn't get much coverage which is a shame but the focus is very much on the 50 year history of the original series. It would be lovely if the author could turn his hand to a SPACE:1999 VAULT next.

    Less activity on the mag racks but the SCI-FI ICONS BLADE RUNNER SPECIAL has landed, bagged with the now traditional poster and a high cover price. The SPIDER-MAN edition appears never to have actually been published... maybe someone called the lawyers.

    FOPP is also doing a nice selection of Halloween scares at a good price if you like that sort of thing. Even POUNDLAND has a few discs just for Halloween although nothing - so far - on par with the year that they had Joan Collins in EMPIRE OF THE ANTS and the SLEEPAWAY CAMP movies for a pound a pop.

  38. I didn't come across any of those books which doesn't say much for my FP.

    however I can indeed confirm that the SCI-FI ICONS spidey edition was on sale in my local newsagents.

    Just a quick heads up - I have started my own blog since I got the hang of using the library scanner so expect some cool images in due course. More info to come so stay tuned !

  39. ok my blog is up and running and can be seen here :

    let me know what you think !

  40. Some great stuff there already. I think it will be a fun read. Best ofluck.

    Post a copy of the Spidey SCI FI ICONS so I can see whether I purchased it without realising that it was Spider-man themed or whether WHS did indeed skip that issue. I wonder if it was the latter as there was an extended period where they didn't carry an issue... suggesting the previous one was recalled and the current issue wasn't stocked.

  41. Related to SLUGFEST... in a way. There is a great feature-length documentary called THE IMAGE REVOLUTION which - unsurprisingly - looks at the origins and history of Image Comics. It's a great watch even if - like me - you've never warmed to their output.

    Also doing the rounds (for a while) a great documentary movie about Corman's 'lost' FANTASTIC FOUR movie DOOMED. It's well worth a watch.

  42. Thanks Slow, feel free to leave comments or questions on the blog.

    for now, I'm keeping text to a minimum but in time, I'll begin to add more words to go with the images.

    I can certainly post an image of that spidey special but in the meantime, go here to see the gallery of covers. The spidey one is number 5 in the series. :

  43. just about everything on that blog is from my own collection so I will be putting up as many rare and unusual items as possible.

    Enjoy !

  44. ok I've posted that spidey cover on my blog along with a lot of star wars material.

    I'm sure Krusty would enjoy it also.

  45. There is a second edition of the SFX/ TOTAL FILM HORROR bookazine out as of yesterday. I can't tell how much of the contents are new and how much are recycled from the first edition... so I bought it anyway.

  46. I didn't see that one, must keep an eye out for it.

    among todays offerings :

    the return of Dan Dare to comics.

    MARVEL HORROR THE MAGAZINE COLLECTION, a volume of black and white re-prints from the 70's.



    My FP is still renovating which means they now have no magazines whatsoever. Oh joy.

  47. I picked up the new issue of SFX, DCARY MONSTERS (not a normal purchase but this issue has a POTA cover and feature), the HORRORHOUND VAMPIRE SPECIAL previously mentioned herein and the new Dan Dare comic (vintage cover version). Oh and a signed copy of the MARLEY THE FOX hardback from Rebellion reprinting the vintage Buster strips. Which look lovely.

    In other book news: I got THE ART OF THE HORROR FILM (lots of nice poster, VHS and marketing artwork) and THE GEEK YEAR (or something similar... basically a on-this-day factoid/ infographic combo).

    There are a lot of BUFFY books out at the moment. Possibly pegged to an aniversary. Not my thing.

    I also spotted - but didn't get - a new STAR TREK book focused on the science behind the series. There is also a CAPTAIN SCARLET Haynes mannual (similar to the STAR TREK, STAR WARS and THUNDERBIRDS ones of previous years) but I passed on that as well.

    INFINITY and DARKSIDE should have mainstream distribution this week. Probably today.

  48. wow, a LOT of stuff there.

    although I've never found a copy of SCARY MONSTERS , I have to say the wrap-around POTA cover looks stunning.

    slow, have you come across a special edition mag on STAR TREK DISCOVERY ?

    this would be separate from the regular trek mag as seen here ;

  49. just stumbled upon this article about the demise of FANGORIA.

    I'm fairly sure there was a similar article once in EMPIRE so this must be an updated version :

  50. Add to the stack: the Rebellion hardback of THE DRACULA FILE. Picked up a copy at the end of last week.

  51. although the mag section in my FP is still non-existent , they had a few items of interest :

    A re-print mag for SCREAM and MISTY.

    And a FAMOUS MONSTERS bookazine which includes everything but the kitchen sink. Some nice stuff in there but too pricey even for a bookazine.

    the regular sized FM seems to be thing of the past.

  52. the latest JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE also has an article on that SCREAM - MISTY re-print.

  53. EMPIRE have another special out , this time on SCI-FI MOVIES.

    My newsagent only had the one copy.

  54. pick of this weeks offerings goes to the ALIEN SURVIVAL MANUAL which has lots of material and photos from the movie series.

    I just noticed that SFX reviewed the recent marvel uk star wars omnibus although the reviewer thought it would have been better and cheaper to leave out the extras and just re-print the strips.

    1. Not seen the SFX review but from online previews I've seen of the book itself I'm inclined to agree. A collection of the original/UK-only comics and covers is always welcome, but those A-Z and quiz-type text pages were just cheap filler in their day ... perhaps just showing a single example of those would have been sufficient. (I don't have any love for the Cyril comics either, but maybe someone does.)

      By the way, Ed, I've dropped in on your new blog and enjoyed seeing the material there. Looking forward to seeing what else you dig out!

    2. (Have now seen the SFX review and ...) Thinking on this further, the purist in me would want to see the "Star Wars" material collect, but not the stuff like Cyril which was a humour strip about the supposed editor and had no actual connection to Star Wars as such.

  55. thanks Krusty, feel free to leave comments and questions there also.

    yes I have lots more to unearth and I shall be posting new images in due course !

  56. just posted some scans of THE NEW EUROPEAN which had a nice article on Dan Dare.

  57. the latest in the SCI-FI ICONS series is out today - a star wars special.

  58. a goodly amount of stuff out today :

    the new BACK ISSUE has a cover story on the movie FLASH GORDON plus a letter from one Rob Kirby who much like Slow has extensively researched marvel uk.

    another DAN DARE collection

    a photo book about the MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH movie

    MIDDLE-EARTH : FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN - very much a ' last word on the subject ' type of tome about the making of the Tolkien trilogies.


    and the latest MARVEL PREMIERE EDITION also features Thor.

  59. I passed on most of the above (except BACK ISSUE) but I did grab the new ABOUT TIME volume (the first for a few years I think), the hardback of the Titan A NEW HOPE oneshot, the new DISCOVERY oneshot, the new issue of the regular STAR TREK MAGAZINE, four new Taschen Marvel books (THE LITTLE BOOK OF FANTASTIC FOUR/ AVENGERS/ SPIDER-MAN/ CAPTAIN AMERICA), the return of POWER PACK to comics and a nice hardback about the history of comic book shops (which is really the history of the industry over the past 40 years), the DALEK hardback (which is - I think - this year's pitched-at-the-fans official book), the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS VISUAL HISTORY and a book of maps and analysis of various movies (which suffers from fancy chapter headings which are so over-designed they are virtually impossible to read).

    Worth noting that two weeks ago supplied a double nostalgia blast when THE TRANSFORMERS partwork returned to MARVEL era content on the same day as the 'red cover' collection reprinted sundry MACHINE MAN strips including material seen in THE THING IS BIG BEN and - of course - TRANSFORMERS (including the full MACHINE MAN 2020 series... So good Marvel London used it twice... In the same comic!).

    The current issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE has sparked the sort of headlines Panini can't be too chuffed about.

    Some comic book stores have Halloween freebies... I picked up another outing of RUNAWAYS issue 1. And a DC READING LIST in a pretty fancy format for a freebie.

    Fans of TOUR OF DUTY - and history in general - will want to track down the ten-part VIETNAM WAR documentary that just ran on BBC FOUR. I'm finding it compelling.

    I also saw the first episode of the DYNASTY revival... Great fun.

  60. I read about the dr who furore last night but I've not yet seen the hidden message in the mag, must check it out later.

  61. out today ;

    WONDER WOMAN ; AMBASSADOR OF TRUTH - a lavish photo book.

    007 MAGAZINE SPECIAL - a tribute to roger moore.

    MISTY volume 2

    STAR WARS STORMTROOPERS BEYOND THE ARMOUR - a very impressive photo guidebook.

    and the new SFX has a cover story on the last jedi plus a lovely article on uk strips from the 60's.

    1. Ed, I momentarily misunderstood that and thought there was an article about Star Wars UK strips from the 60s. Which would be impossible ... and also glorious!

    2. apologies for the confusion but yes I can see how it would read that way !

      its about tv inspired strips such as the avengers and such like, the first of a three- part series.

  62. Passed on the WW book a few weeks ago but I did pick up STORMTROOPERS last week.

    Grabbed the Moore mag, the TREK trade, SFX and the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie mag.

    The BLACK WIDOW oversized hardback looked interesting (albeit an odd choice for such a tome) but I plumped for a stack of FAMOUS MONSTERS mags from the back issue box instead.

  63. also out now - an ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY special on the Justice League , just found this in my local newsagent.

  64. Some nice books out at the moment: A DREAM GIVEN FORM covers BABYLON FIVE, CRUSADE, THE RANGERS pilot and sundry spin-offs (although the guide to the DC comics run seems less than comprehensive) whilst IN CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE is a very comprehensive look at Charles Band's FULL MOON studio and films. There is also a new edition of DOING RUDE THINGS, the history of British sex films!

  65. BABYLON 5 is currently being repeated on the PICK freeview channel in the uk, its not a show that comes up that often.

    That second book should read as IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE.

    1. Yes. It's a good read isn't it? A suitable follow-up to the CINEFANTASTIQUE issue.

  66. Is the Babylon 5 book just text or does it also have photos ?

    Ah yes , the much missed CINEFANTASTIQUE as well as THE 5 TIMES.

  67. out today :

    DR WHO : THE ILLUSTRATED ADVENTURES - essentially a book of fan art.

    TWIN PEAKS : THE FINAL DOSSIER - a follow up to the recent tv sequel. As with the B5 book, no pics, only text.

    The new JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE has an article on Dan Dare.

    Although my FP is now refurbished with more space and better lighting, their magazine section has, to coin a phrase ' gone to the dogs ' .

    A real shame as they used to get CINEFEX among other titles.

    I am now reliant on my local newsagents plus various other shops for all of the latest magazines.

    1. The WHO FAN ART BOOK reminded me of THE KEY TO TIME tome... Albeit without the useful information. It has tje feel of a barrel being scrapped (albeit nice if you are one of the artists... I wonder if they were paid?).

      I passed on the TP book on the basis that I never actually read last years. Laura's diary is in the 2 for £5 paperback deal in HMV should you wish to revisit it without further wear and tear on yer first edition.

      New pick-ups for me were the latest TRANSFORMERS hardback with more Marvel-era reprints and - ahem - THE STAR TREK BOOK OF LISTS which will either turn out to be a cheesy caah-in or a bit of fun. I also spotted an alternative-cover edition of the DISCOVERY one-shot although the hardback edition hasn't landed yet.

      There was another HORRORHOUND SPECIAL last week... Dedicated to the Child's Play franchise.

  68. the new TOTAL FILM due out tomorrow will be giving the last jedi their customary deluxe treatment , i.e. lots of freebies in a cardboard wallet.

  69. the new issue of DR WHO has a nice mix of articles as always, material on the forthcoming xmas special, annuals and a stage version.

    1. DWM is always at its best in the hiatus between seasons... When they have nothing new to write about so they have to be a little more creative in the commissioning of articles.

      This year's YEARBOOK will be out on 28/12.

  70. still on Who, it was interesting to learn in the latest STARBURST that one of their dr who articles back in the 80's was originally earmarked for FANTASY EMPIRE.

    Just one of many facts in an excellent 40th anniversary retrospective. There is also a fascinating and eye opening piece on the mercurial Patrick McGoohan.

    A great read all in all.

    1. Forty years on and STAR WARS still has the cover spot.

      And TOTAL FILM are stretching the definition of "book" a bit.

  71. are you referring to the quiz book ?

    Just a happy co-incidence about SB since star wars is on the cover of every magazine right now with the impending release of the last jedi.

  72. I partly take back what I said about my FP, they had some back issues of STAR WARS INSIDER including one I missed.

    I also found the DRACULA FILE which you mentioned before.

    Already on their second editions are THE ULTIMATE RETRO COLLECTION and THE ART OF FILM : STAR WARS.

  73. out today - the latest issue of SCI-FI ICONS , the second of two star wars specials.

  74. SCI-FI ICONS has all but vanished now. The previous one has not appeared yet. It has vanished before only to bounce back an issue later. Maybe WHS has delisted it?

    This week was a slow week anyway: just the latest INFINITY, DARKSIDE, HORRORHOUND, STAR TREK GN, STD Titan hardback and STAR WARS TIME SPECIAL.

    There are a few more books - outside the December SW flurry - still due to publish before Christmas.

  75. My local newsagent is the only shop that had SCI-FI ICONS , just the one copy which I grabbed.

    For a slow week that's a lot of stuff and thanks for the heads up on the TIME special, I'll look out for it.

    One series which never seems to appear in my shops are the trek magazine specials so I'm not optimistic about finding the STD edition.

  76. pick of the week goes to STAR WARS EPIC - RISE OF THE SITH , a nice collection of stories from the phantom menace era.

    still on star wars ( and its kind of hard to get away from the subject right now ) , EMPIRE's latest issue is due for release and its a biggie with their obligatory coverage of the last jedi PLUS a special supplement on star wars.

  77. My picks this week were TOTALLY AWESOME (about 1980s US TV animation), GROOVY (1960s pop culture), THE ART OF STAR TREK (the current run of moviea), the ROGUE ONE trade, the new STAR WARS INSIDER magazine and the first issue of the STD comic book. And this fortnight's DOCTOR WHO hardback covers three Seventh Doc stories.

    And I picked up a stack of cheap 2000ADs for 50p each including several of the hitherto 'banned' DREDD stories.

  78. Longtime print distributor COMAG has gone bust. Which may affect titles which don't have the clout to make a new deal with another company.

  79. that's a familiar name from the label on most magazines.

    apparently, HEARST and CONDE NAST withdrew their support leading to COMAG winding down their operation.

    hopefully some other company will take up the reins.

    1. Although any child of the Star Age who DIDN'T want an irremovable price sticker on their US comics must feel a certain sense of schadenfreude.

  80. out today :

    the new SFX has a massive cover story on Dr Who and comes nicely packaged with a booklet plus an art card.

    and I have to say it was nice to see BARBARELLA return in comics form even if the content is way more explicit than anything in the Jane Fonda movie.

  81. Slow week for goodies this week. Just SFX with the nice feature on 1970s comics and the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITION (hot on the heels of last week's LAST JEDI multiple-covers regular issue).

  82. it seems to be an annual tradition now with EW, to release an updated version of their star wars special which ties in with the latest movie.

  83. The big (and super-pricey) catch this week was the second volume of Marvel PLANET OF THE APES reprints. And the new issue of Titan's TREK magazine. And a phalanx of cheap-and-cheerful PHOENIX related reprints timed to coincide with this week's EW cover story. It's almost as if they have a Marketing Department to coordinate this stuff.

    My personal find of the week: the first 70+ issues of DWW/ DWM (plus the early issues of B7 MONTHLY... issue 1 still complete with freebie t-shirt transfer) in good nick for a £1 a copy. Hurrah.

  84. wow, where do you get this stuff ?

    sounds like ideal material for a future post or two.

  85. speaking of DWM, the new issue comes polybagged with a free wall chart / poster.

    Haven't opened it yet but a very nice package altogether.

    also , some new material up on my blog including an item on Rob Kirby's letter in ESSENTIAL X-MEN about the history of m-uk.

  86. the latest issue of COLLECTORS GAZETTE has a feature on vintage uk comics.

  87. also out now : THE LAST JEDI OFFICIAL COLLECTORS EDITION - published by titan but seperate from the regular star wars insider.

    and the new issue of SCI-FI NOW has a nice retro article on the dark shadows tv series.

  88. the marvel 1980s blog has now officially shuttered.

    as has THE WALKING DEAD magazine.

  89. I don't like THE WALKING DEAD and never read the magazine. Timing seems curious as a new softcover collection only went on sale this week. I once found myself sitting in a resturant at a table next to Andrew Lincon. He was dining alone. It was literally just before TWD debuted and I remember thinking "you could be about to become a global star".

    The usual flurry of STAR WARS tie-in books hit yesterday. I limited myself to the "art of" book and the magazine. I really enjoyed the film itself.

  90. It does seem strange that the mag has been cancelled while the show is still going strong.

    The vagaries of publishing.

    By all accounts, THE LAST JEDI is amazing. The Visual Dictionary would be my pick of the tie-in books.

  91. This week's pre-Christmas goodies included the first edition of the unheralded BATMAN hardback graphic novel (yet another fortnightly hardback to fill the shelves), BACK ISSUE and ALTER EGO magazines and the trade paperback edition of the HASBRO HANDBOOK.

  92. my FP seems to have given up on magazines, now they have even stopped getting BACK ISSUE and ALTER EGO.

  93. a merry xmas to all starloggers and best wishes for the new year.

  94. Merry Christmas to one and all :)

  95. while I'm waiting for FP to receive their new shipment, here's a belated round up of some goodies I came across over the festive period :

    the recent issue of ALTER EGO has a great article on Stan Lee's involvement with m-uk in the 70's.

    FANTASM PRESENTS GEORGE A ROMERO THE OFFICIAL MAG - a nice tribute to the late filmmaker if a little pricey.

    POWER PACK CLASSIC - a volume of collected strips.

    the MARVEL FACT FILE has reached its 250th and final issue with a nice cover by Kev Hopgood. That's it until of course the next inevitable part-work.

    also out - another part work on DINKY TOYS.

    and the new SFX has lots of freebies including - gasp - an actual novel for those who still read such things.

  96. I still read novels and the free novel in SFX is "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells which I've never read before (but I have seen the two film versions - the 2002 film is excellent in my opinion but sadly under-rated).

  97. just kidding, of course I still read novels plus short fiction ( from INTERZONE ) and such like.

    But maybe SFX are giving their readers a freebie in order to get them hooked on sci-fi literature. Which can only be a good thing.

    Also in the mag - another excellent article on uk comic strips.

  98. in my FP yesterday :

    FAMOUS MONSTERS 288 - the last issue according to the editorial.

    Several issues of the 007 mag including a bookazine length edition on YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.

    BSG vs BSG - in which the two tv incarnations of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA finally meet.

    And it's nice to see a bit of m-uk in X-MEN GOLD with the return of Excalibur.

  99. out today :

    COLLECTORS GAZETTE has another excellent article on the history of uk comics.

    And as I expected, another marvel part-work has hit the shops, this time its THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FIGURINE COLLECTION.


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