Wednesday 7 March 2012


BODYCOUNT was a belated, and ultimately futile, attempt to bolster Marvel UK's creative credibility after flooding the US market with interchangeable, and highly forgettable, fodder.  The one-shot comic shop giveaway, dated October 1993, didn't contain any strip material but did profile M-UK's pool of artists in the WIZARD-fuelled era of the next superstar artist.

Marvel UK's attempts to reposition itself came as the US market was sinking fast, overburdened by too many titles chasing too few readers once the speculators had bailed-out.  They had already cut their line and, shortly after Bodycount appeared, the whole US-facing operation, operated out of London's Arundel House, closed completely.  Several projects mentioned in Bodycount, notably the almost-complete LOOSE CANNONS, never saw print.

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