Tuesday 6 March 2012


THE V FILES were part of the sprawling FILES MAGAZINE series published in the mid-1980s.  In common with most of their stablemates, they were overpriced and (despite their eye-catching covers) poorly assembled with the absolute minimum of text and padded with poorly reproduced photos.

Volume 1, which Slow Robot doesn't have, was originally released as a hardback.  The contents were then split into two soft-back editions, in the same format as the rest of the series.

Most "issues" feature something of interest in terms of articles.  The episode guide to the weekly series offers some amusing alternate titles, presumably concocted on a whim by the author, to overcome the absence of on-screen episode titles.

There MAY have been plans for further volumes but Slow Robot doesn't think they ever appeared.  The Files Magazine range died-off in the late 1980s.


  1. File one came out 3 ways, as a hardback, as a softback then split across 2 softback volumes

  2. Do you have any plans to feature the Battlestar Galactica file(s) by the same publisher?


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