Tuesday 1 May 2012


The CGI Hulk gets many of the best moments in the new AVENGERS movie, so... it seemed like a good idea to recall a time when Marvel were a little less careful about how they presented their heroes to the world.
This centre-spread poster (from M-UK's CAPTAIN AMERICA weekly 52, 17 February 1982) is an impressive publicity photo from Universal's THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV show (specifically the memorable New York-shot Terror in Time Square segment) but... look down... Ferrigno's wearing his Hulk carpet slippers!  OK... so they were pretty easy to spot on the show if you looked closely but... really...
And do you think that guy behind ever knew he was blu-tacked to the walls of thousands of British pre-teen boys?

Here's another Hulk from the very same issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA.  Here's a gathering of heroes on the steps of the White House itself.  The ROM costume is presumably on-loan from the toy company.  And could that be Jonathan (Riker) Frakes behind the Captain's mask?

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