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The Visitors use refined Conversion technology to try and convince Donovan the war is over, allowing them to spring a trap to capture Elizabeth.
-       The Skyfighters which fly over Robin Maxwell (as she hides from the Visitor convoy) are stock footage from the first mini-series (previously seen just before the aliens attack the Resistance base in the mountains). 

-       Donovan and Diana kiss, albeit when Donovan thinks he is really with his 'wife' Julie. Yet, when he learns that 'Julie' is really Lydia (when he knocks the imposter out), he doesn't seem very bothered.

- The Visitor patrol uses trail bikes.  The riders use standard issue white motorcycle helmets.

-       Nathan Bates doesn't recognise Robin Maxwell.  Either he doesn't see her properly or he doesn't know the identity of the Starchild's mother, which seems unlikely.

-       Diana's efforts to hide the listening device in Bates' office is pathetic, no wonder he finds it before she leaves the room.  
-       How is Donovan, a known member of the Resistance, able to wander into Science Frontiers to see Julie?  Why does her computer come with code breaking software? 
-       The Visitor ground forces appear ill-prepared to spring their ambush (They are taken by suprise once they are spotted). 
-       Why is the shuttle craft only “on its way”?  This is a very poorly planned scheme. 

-       The Visitor holographic technology is used for the first and only time.

-       How does Kyle know Willie is a Visitor? Did he become a media celebrity (apparently, but improbably, one of only two Visitors still on Earth) after the end of the first war?
-       Nathan Bates allows the aliens to reopen their embassy, the Legation, in Los Angeles.
-       The conversion process has been greatly simplified compared with the chamber seen in The Final Battle: In Visitor's Choice the conversion equipment is located in an area obviously a redress of the bridge set (crafty camera work means we don't see the large window). 
-       The Visitors used PC keyboards identical to Earth ones: The keys are laid out in the same way, just with alien characters. 


-       When Kyle first rides up to Robin, there is evidence of previous takes (skid marks). He also has a convenient second helmet. 
-       When he drops her at his house, she has no way of getting inside. 

-       How do the Visitors identify the bike rider as Kyle Bates?
-       The Visitor holographic technology is used for the first and only time.
-       How does Diana know of the Resistance plan to move Elizabeth to New York?  Lucky Guess? 
-       There is a clearance sale taking place in the building opposite the Club Creole garage.
-       The lone Visitor waiting at Donovan's house doesn't demonstrate much superior strength (see: the mini-series) when he fights Ham. 
-       Sean appears in a hurry to tell Diana what Donovan told him.  Isn't someone observing the room constantly, especially when the Visitors are trying to extract information? Why does Sean travel all the way to the Mothership bridge to report to Diana and Lydia in person?  As the information he has is time-sensitive, wouldn't it have been better to radio ahead from the Legation? Do the aliens already think their communications with Earth are compromised?
-   The Visitors LA headquarters makes for a convenient target for Resistance infiltration until the mid-season retooling.
-       Why isn't Donovan being monitored when he knocks out Lydia and escapes? 
-       Elizabeth isn't really appropriately dressed for her cross country adventure.
-       Howard K. Smith is credited yet neither he nor his Freedom Network bulletins appear in the episode.
-   This episode includes scenes intended to bridge the gap left by NBC's decision not to air the third episode.  It's likely these were filmed during the production of a later episode and edited into this one.  As previously noted, this creates some continuity issues when both episodes are aired in reruns or commercially released.


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