Friday 22 June 2012


It's been another busy week of posts from the Slow-Robot Nerve Centre:

- We celebrated our 2000th post (hurrah!) with the TV advert for 2000AD Prog 1 here.

- We completed our review of Marvel UK's widescreen weekly THE TITANS with the final part of our cover gallery and a selection of House Ads.

- We looked back at MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE, Marvel's main outlet for movie adaptations in the late seventies and early eighties, here and here.

- We unearthed the STAR WARS WATCH and DOCTOR WHO T-SHIRT adverts from early-eighties Marvel UK.

- We went back to ARUNDEL HOUSE, UK base of the Annex of Ideas in the late eighties and mid-nineties.

- We dug up a vintage UK press advert for (the original) CLASH OF THE TITANS.

- We looked back at Glen Larson's SF-trucker show THE HIGHWAYMAN.

- And looked back at the TV action show career of Richard Lynch, including a chance to watch his 1979 tele-flick VAMPIRE.

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