Friday 1 June 2012


This is a (almost) 100 second promo video, from the late seventies, plugging the wares of the notoriously rigid ROM electronic toy, an over-priced item that Parker thought would give them an entree into the boys action figure market.

The video is too long to be a traditional TV spot (unless Parker Brothers were unafraid to splash some serious stash) so it was more likely concocted for Toy Fairs, b2b marketing events, presentations to retailers or in-store looped video promotions (of the JML variety).

The toaster-headed toy didn't gain traction and faded fast although the Marvel comic tie-in (published in the UK in FORCES IN COMBAT, FUTURE TENSE and STAR WARS) was a winner.

In the UK, the Rom toy was licensed to Palitoy and incorporated into their ACTION MAN line.

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