Thursday 2 August 2012


Here's three-pages of Geek Goodies from May 1980: The STARLOG TRADING POST, the no-doubt lucrative (it ran for years) mail order service tucked in the back of most issues.

For British fanboys, the items contained herein were, basically, impossible-to-get goodies from a fabled foreign land.  The likelihood of successfully ordering and receiving anything from the United States seemed so improbable that it wasn't even worth considering.

As you'll see, it's a cornucopia of desirable fan-tat including the legendary WARRIOR'S BATTLE JACKET which, despite being blatantly derived from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, can't seem to mention the fact.  STAR TREK and STAR WARS-derived items seem conspicuously absent save for the groovy STARSHIP PENDENT.

I've already looked at a couple of the items (the grandly-named COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK and the one-and-only YEARBOOK) in previous posts.

I'd still love to see the Japanese-licensed editions of STARLOG, I'd like to think they're a visual feast.

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