Tuesday 28 August 2012


THE HIGHWAYMAN: "They started hitting each other... and the police came."

Here's a 1988 interview with the delightful Jane Badler (from STARLOG MAGAZINE 133, cover-dated August 1988) where she discusses her time on "V" and the short-lived THE HIGHWAYMAN.

THE HIGHWAYMAN is long-forgotten so this is a rare opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes insight and it sounds like it was not always a happy show to work on.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane - briefly - during her recent visit to London (she's been living in Australia for many years now) and - to be honest - it was dream come true.  I'm pleased (and relieved) to say she was utterly charming (and still beautiful).  We spoke briefly and she said she enjoyed her time of the recent "V" revival (one of TV's great missed-opportunities). 

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  1. your excitement over Badler is totally understandable i had a mad crush on her for many years.


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