Tuesday 8 January 2013


October 1983 was the first full month of the EAGLE's new format (traditional artwork, crappy print quality) and was most notable for wrapping-up the epic Return of the Mekon storyline (albeit officially bereft of the subtitle).  I never found the conclusion very satisfying, an opinion underlined by the new format which did the colour art no favours.  That said, I would LOVE to see the whole saga (and even the distracting - and chronologically suspect - diversion into Daniel Dare's early space missions) collected into book form.  Along with the Doomlord photo-stories (see past posts), it's the Eagle material I'd most want to own in book form.

As a young reader, I could instantly tell that the next Dare adventure (beginning in the 29th October issue) wasn't going to measure up.  And I was right.

The 15th October issue was notable for including another variation on that favourite IPC gift: the plastic spinner.  Previous versions had already adorned the launch issues of 2000AD and Eagle itself, so the Freebies Department clearly thought they were onto a sales-boosting winner.  Unfortunately, the gift has long-since been detached from the issue in the collection I purchased.  But I do recall, from my first-time-around purchase of this issue, that it was silver.

1 October 1983
9 October 1983

15 October 1983

22 October 1983

29 October 1983

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