Wednesday 30 January 2013


I love uncovering the unexpected.  Whilst rummaging through a 50p back issue box at a Comic Mart, I found this: MARVEL'S 1992 ANNUAL REPORT (published in May 1993).  That in itself is rather fun (I love finding stuff that's likely to remain buried, and never reprinted, in the vaults forever) but what made this even more - ahem - special was that it still included the covering letter sent to someone at Mattel Toys in the UK.

Clearly Mr Benison didn't heed Nicola's advice and allowed this potential "collectors item" to pass through his hands.  I bet he's kicking himself now.

The report is US comic book sized and features a long strip outlining Marvel's good fortune with page-after-page of dull-but-manditory financial information.  Quite what suited-and-booted business types made of this unique presentation is unrecorded but I doubt many bothered to wade through the strip.

I've not scanned the whole shebang, just the pages that refer to Marvel's overall financial performance (remember fact fans: Marvel filed for bankruptcy protection in 1997) and the only reference I can find to Marvel UK ("Marvel's sister company in London").

Back cover

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