Tuesday 29 January 2013

1990: CENTURY 21 ISSUE 1

This 1990 launch, devoted to the world's of Gerry Anderson, was - in the great British publishing tradition - the result of the merger of two other magazines.  S.I.G (formally Supermarionation Is Go) had been a professionally produced text-based fanzine whilst its companion ACTION 21 had licensed the sixties and seventies Anderson strips from TV (CENTURY) 21, COUNTDOWN and TV ACTION.

When the later could no-longer stand alone, the two were merged into this articles-and-strips hybrid.

It was the same Anderson back catalogue that fuelled the Fleetway comics (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and Joe 90) in the early nineties.

The cover still is from the excellent late-entry U.F.O episode Timelash, featuring extensive location filming on the Pinewood Studios (UFO's second home after - with undue haste - vacating the MGM studios) backlot.  

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