Wednesday 27 February 2013


Here's another online find (from a certain auction site): the BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY Panini sticker album, free with IPC's BATTLE ACTION cover-dated 16 May 1981.  As the one-size-fits-all bag indicates, it also accompanied that week's 2000AD. 

They were 'generous' enough (like a crack dealer that gives his latest convert a free sample) to give away the album but four solitary starter stickers seems decidedly stingy.  In later years, they'd just chuck in an off-the-shelf pack.

I collected this album when I was little and swaps were valued playtime currency.  The must-have sticker, in those primitive days before fancy foil, holograms and other 'premiums' , was number one: Buck Rogers himself.  Any sticker that featured nob-headed 'bot Twiki also commanded a playground premium.  

I doubt my album came with one of these comics, I think it was probably an over-the-counter buy (by my mum) from the local newsagent.  

About a decade ago, I stumbled across a complete album in a (now defunct) London comic book store... and snapped-it-up.  I think it was a fiver.  I'll post it on here someday.  

The stickers featured stills from the majority of the first-season episodes which - when stuck in the correct place in the album - featured a short summary of events below.  The cover is, of course, the marketing key art for the movie.

I recall that, at the time we were actively collecting the stickers, ITV had moved onto the rebooted second season of the show because I remember noting the absence of any of the second season regulars.  

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