Tuesday 19 March 2013

1978: TALES OF TERROR (Portman Distribution)

TALES OF TERROR, alongside CASTLE OF HORROR (see previous post), was the other title reprinting Marvel's scare-fare from the US 'mature readers' (years before the description became part of common parlance) magazine line.  Both were made possible by a mix-up in Marvel's hallowed halls which allowed interloper Portman Distribution to license reprints, circumventing Marvel UK.

Five issues appeared monthly in 1978 before the deal was unravelled, apparently following complaints from the Annex of Ideas.


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  2. I have one comic of another Portman run called Demon! I have #2 and thought I'd look into the comic and there is scant information out there. I see it ran for 3 issues and reprinted an older Marvel comic but I can't find 1 and 3 for sale anywhere! Nothing on Ebay, mycomicshop, I will have to make this a project I think. I will bookmark your blog, keep on keeping on


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