Thursday 21 March 2013


An illusion shattered!

This rare DOOMLORD colour pic appeared in the EAGLE HOLIDAY SPECIAL (frustratingly undated) and shows either the Servant of Nox mid-transformation, or that he was just the EAGLE office junior in a fright mask.  You decide.

This hold-over from the photo-strip era (raising the possibility that a lot more colour photos were taken during the various location shoots) shows how slap-dash this one-shot spin-off is: there isn't even the usual publisher information (and all-important copyright details) buried at the bottom of one of the pages.  Which is why I've struggled to date it.

It includes a Storm Force strip which places it after BATTLE's merger with Eagle in January 1988, and a full-page plug for the weekly which means it appeared before the shift to a monthly frequency in 1990.

Just a reminder... My past posts include Doomlord's first 13-part mission to Earth (beginning here) and a long-running set of cover scans (beginning here). 

1 comment:

  1. Hello, where is the original mask now? Arent there other pics of the real thing?

    Isidro Campos


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