Monday 2 September 2013


It's - unfortunately - a rather truncated Cover Gallery for the December 1982 issues of SCOOBY-DOO AND HIS T.V. FRIENDS because the collection I acquired jumps a few issues around this point.  But, considering how rare this title seems to be, I thought it was better to present what I have rather than keep them tucked away.

- To Be Continued - 


  1. I have issue 43 & 44 but I don't have issue 45 which would have a cover date of 29th December I believe. I would be interested to know what the cover of 45 looked like. There are some on ebay from December 1982 at the moment but not 45. In my case I think it got overlooked in the xmas excitement at the time as I don't have 46 either but I have 2 copies of 47 as my parents had trouble finding the issue so they both ended up buying me 47.

  2. Just to add, for issue 44, there is a note at the bottom of the Pen-Pal page that reads "Please don't send any more pen-pal requests. We're overflowing with them. Someone on this page must surely fit the bill -- write to them instead!"


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