Tuesday 24 September 2013


This is the main BBC Newsroom from TELEVISION CENTRE, a double level affair located immediately above the Main Reception and facing onto Wood Lane (which proved something of a design flaw when the IRA came a calling).

I always thought this was a pretty impressive space although, in comparison with the vast atriums of New Broadcasting House, it does look a little quaint.

Those stairs, or the alternate set to the left of this shot, were a favoured place for shooting trailers, interviews and talking heads pieces.  But they were well-traversed which could create some problems if someone needed to pass mid-rant.

If you look closely at the perspex guards attached to the railings, you'll see that they feature patterns from the original 'flags' era of BBC NEWS 24 (now the BBC News Channel) when - in typical BBC fashion - it didn't look like any other part of the BBC News output.

That was one of things I loved about TVC... you could always find little nods to the past that had survived for years longer than the programme or service that had spawned them.

This photo was taken after much of the BBC News output had already decamped to their new home so staff were thin on the ground.

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