Tuesday 1 December 2015

1985: DWB ISSUE 24/25 and SMALL ADS

From the summer of 1985: the cover and selected interior pages from the DWB (DOCTOR WHO BULLETIN) sizzling seasonal double issue.

The cover is a nice showcase of the miniature work from the BBC Visual Effects department (little known BBC fact of the day: Television Centre used to have a dedicated strong room used as an armory for prop guns and weapons) from Tom Baker's City of Death.

I've also posted the several pages of small ads found inside: a nostalgic return to small scale fan-run conventions and fanzine publishing. Obviously, it goes without saying that should you want to attend or purchase any of these items you'll need a time machine of your own.


  1. some very amusing material there !

    pick of the week must be the new issues of TRANCERS and JOHNNY RED which again has some nice supplementary pages on BATTLE.

    Lately, I've noticed a growing ( and pleasing ) trend in the marvel line towards using retro villains. For example, the new issue of HOWLING COMMANDOS resurrects the Sphinx ( remember him ? ) And our old fave the Taskmaster has just appeared at the end of ALL NEW WOLVERINE.

    1. Funnily enough, the two comics I picked up this week were indeed JOHNNY RED and TRANCERS (T2 key art cover). Great minds think alike. I don't read any of the modern MARVEL stuff so I hadn't noticed that trend.

      A whopping six issues of MARVEL FACT FILES shipped this week, confirming my suspicion that it's been AWOL from Diamond for a while. Still no sign of BACK ISSUE or ALTER EGO. Bah.

      I got a new book called BRONSON'S LOOSE AGAIN (a follow up to a book covering the DEATH WISH films) which includes Charles Bronson's other Cannon movies. Two new FAQ books cover DRACULA (including film and TV versions and casts the net further to incorporate the likes of Elvira) and TV SERIES FINALES. The latter is on order and should arrive in the next day or so. It sounds a great subject for a book.

  2. yes I like to think we are on the same wave length.

    would those issues of the marvel file include no 141 ? It has two very nice pages on the M-UK character DIGITEK.

    Here's hoping that BACK ISSUE and ALTER EGO may yet turn up.

    Keep the faith !

    1. Yup. I got the issue with the Digitek profile. I also got the previous issue which has an entry of Ice Man's love life without mentioning that he's now gay. Unless that's a different Ice Man. It's terribly confusing.

      The STAR WARS and STAR TREK Titan bookazines landed in WH SMITH today.


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