Tuesday 22 December 2015


From December 1995: Happy Christmas Star Heroes!

This is the last (number 446!) regularly scheduled post for 2015. I wrap work today and my usual routine goes out the window for the festive season.

STARLOGGED will be back next year. I still have lots of interesting acquisitions to scan (when I have the time) and upload. And I hope to find a few more during the break.

Many thanks to everyone (Hi Ed!) Who have taken the time to comment across the year. Its been very useful and very informative.

Be sure to watch the BBC iPlayer exclusive STAR WARS SPECIAL which has unearthed some really cool (and long-lost) goodies (literally in one case) from the depths of the BBC vaults. I recommended some of the material.

So... With STAR WARS once again brightening the festive season (no spoilers... But I really liked it)... Happy Christmas and all the best for the year ahead,


  1. And thank you slow for all of your wonderful posts. May you continue to starlog long into the future.

    Have a great xmas !

  2. Happy new year everyone !

    While we await slow 's return, here are a few fresh nuggets of info :

    The uk titan comic BATMAN ARKHAM will now reboot to issue one and be re-titled BATMAN GOTHAM CENTRAL .

    The new issue of ALTER EGO is already due out next week.


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