Friday 4 December 2015


From the summer of 1986: another double-issue of DOCTOR WHO BULLETIN, aka DWB, pulled from the Random Scans file.



    Well this one came out of left field with no advance notice and I found just one copy in my local newsagents. Yes , titan have added another dc title to their ever growing roster, this time with SUPERGIRL to tie-in with the new tv series which I'm quite enjoying on sky 1.

    As with the previous titles, its a great value for money package with three strips and a poster. Batgirl is the back up strip and black canary is on the way. At this point , you have to wonder how many more comic based tv shows / comics the market can sustain.

  2. and yet another bookazine is out from sci fi now :

  3. Thanks for the double heads-up. I've not seen either in London WH SMITH branches yet. Maybe they will ship next week.

    So far I'm really surprised no one has published an unofficial look back at STAR WARS past. In a pop culture context. I would have thought it was a nostalgic no-brainer. It's basically what STARLOGGED is, except our net is cast a little wider than just SW and the wannabes.

    There is a report in the SUNDAY TIMES today that says Britain's biggest magazine printer is on the verge of going bust. If that comes to pass (I hope not... They employ a lot of people) then the consequences could be enormous!

    1. Replying to myself... I picked up a copy of SUPERGIRL on my way home this afternoon after a productive hunt for more Star Age stuff...

  4. Happy to be of service and I'm glad you found SUPERGIRL and that you had such a productive search. I look forward to seeing the results.

    When you say ' unofficial ' , I assume you are referring to magazines on star wars ? There seems to be a whole glut of them coming out right now in the usa as you can see here:

    Even the uk mags like radio times have a star wars cover out.

    If you meant an unofficial book, I suspect any publisher would find it hard to get one out since disney / lucasfilm are so protective of the franchise.

    Yes I read that news about polestar. I sincerely hope it doesn't impact on the mag market.


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