Thursday 27 October 2016


From February 1992: the Robinson's get menaced again in the 4th issue of Innovation's LOST IN SPACE comic.

Anyone familiar with the 1960s CBS series (this title was published before any of the periodic screen revivals) will know that this sort of thing just didn't gappen on the altogether more wholesome show. Blame the Nineties.


  1. GEEKY MONKEY has a spin-off title in the shops called BINGEBOX as seen here :

  2. while another one bites the dust :

  3. Thanks for the tip off re: BINGEBOX. I haven't seen a copy yet which suggests it might be racked with the TV mags rather than the usual genre titles.

    Sad to see VIDEO WATCHDOG shutter. I have a big stack of back issues that I aquired cheaply from a dealer years ago.

    The new GEEKY MONKEY, DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL (invasions) and STAR WARS INSIDER are all out this week. Also out is the 4th volume in the series of BESTBOF STAR WARS INSIDER BOOKS. The second volume of THE BEST OF STAR TREK MAGAZINE also landed this week.

    The first trade paperback reprint of the 1970s Marvel STAR WARS strips also arrived. Its hard to justify the hefty cover price on imported trades now, especially as this material has appeared in book form several times before, but the deal is sweetened by a story that was serialized in PIZZAZ and SWW but not the main US monthly.

  4. and to that hefty cover price , you can add another tenner, at least in my FP who seem to be marking up prices.

    Or is that a knock-on effect of brexit ?

    1. It was in the region of £35. Marvel trades are extortinate anyway and the falling pound has probably bumped things up a few quid more. So I just buy less.


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