Wednesday 26 October 2016


From Summer 1995: the sixth issue of THE 5 TIMES, the newsletter of the unofficial BABYLON FIVE FAN CLUB.

From memory, I think the "missing" fifth issue was a 'bonus' issue which included a few pages of original content and a newly drawn (and rather nice) cover and binding for the first season episode guide published across the first four newsletters. 

The impressive-for-a-fanzine number of original interviews in the newsletter can partly be attributed to the club's semi-official status and the frequency of appearances by assorted cast members in the UK. In retrospect, has there ever been another US genre show with a cast and crew quite so accessible to British fans and fandom? 

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  1. according to Harlan Ellison at that time :

    " Babylon 5 was all the rage in the uk, the absolute rage, more popular than star trek even. "

    It was truly the show that burned twice as bright but half as long.

    some choice items out today :

    ART OF ATARI - a lavish tome full of gorgeous art for Atari games including a piece for the movie KRULL (!)

    a making of book for THE FLASH tv show

    also one for LABYRINTH ( recently covered here )

    the new issue of HORRORVILLE is also out a week early.


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