Wednesday, 24 September 2014


This is DC Comics' (of course) adaptation of CANNON FILM's low-flying entry into the SUPERMAN movie franchise: the much lambasted (I saw it in the cinema in 1987… I believe it was deemed more acceptable than whichever JAWS sequel was playing on another screen at the same time… and it was pretty bad) SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE, the last outing in the original sequence of films.

Somewhat unbelievably, DC had only started doing adaptations of these movies with the third outing (they also covered-off dodgy spin-off SUPERGIRL) because the corporate mandarins believed that having the movie version of Supes AND the regular comic book incarnation appearing on news stands at the same time would confuse the punters.  Go figure.

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  1. Another reason cited as to the lack of comic adaptations of the first two Superman movies was due story writer Mario Puzo's contract requiring any further adaptations of his work outside the movies to be paid for, especially novelisations.

    This is why, in addition to the lack of a Superman: The Movie or Superman II comic, the only "tie-in" novels released to coincide with the first two movies were the otherwise unrelated publications Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday. These two novels were never meant to be official Superman movie tie-ins, but were co-opted as such with photo covers and inserts from the movies due to Puzo's contract.


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