Monday 17 December 2012


Another US Fall Kid-Vid advert, this time hyping ABC's autumn 1980 offering.  As always, at least several of which crossed the Atlantic shortly thereafter.

The BBC snaffled-up the time-travelling FONZ AND THE HAPPY DAYS GANG, initially for Saturday mornings.  They also acquired HEATHCLIFF and - shudder -  SCOOBY AND SCRAPPY DOO (I distinctly remember the feeling of excitement when the BBC promoted the return of my favourite cartoon... and the crushing sense of disappointment when that first Scrappy-centric episode aired.  TV had betrayed me).  

PLASTIC MAN, based on the also-ran DC character, aired on ITV.  But it was hard to care (and we gave him a very politically incorrect alternative name).

I could be wrong, but I don't remember THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN showing-up in the UK at all.  Can that be right?

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