Thursday 20 December 2012


This is the October 1988 advert, which ran in Marvel UK titles (and - possibly - elsewhere) promoting the VHS release of ACTION FORCE: THE MOVIE, better known as (the original) G.I. JOE THE MOVIE.

As with the selected episodes of the daily JOE animated show, the soundtrack was altered to remove all verbal references to the American incarnation.  A new, specially-written, song was also placed over the opening sequence.  The titles were also changed although, as with the TV show, any visual references within the animation had to be retained.

Once the UK toy line was rebranded as G.I. JOE, all such deception was rendered irrelevant and subsequent VHS and DVD re-releases used the US prints of the movie.

Unlike TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, which did get a brief UK theatrical release (I know, I was there!), Action Force went direct-to-tape.

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