Tuesday 18 June 2013


Here is an interesting one from July 1975: the opportunity to subscribe to selected hard-to-find US colour monthlies, direct from Marvel UK.

I assume the embargoed titles (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, INCREDIBLE HULK, THE AVENGERS, TOMB OF DRACULA and MASTERS OF KUNG FU) were all made unavailable in the UK because they would eat into sales of the UK weeklies (even through most of the strips were still years behind the current US editions at this point) as well as - probably - avoiding any confusion amongst newsagents and distributors being presented with two comics with the same name.

The Hulk was the main attraction in THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL whilst Masters of Kung Fu was obviously considered a highly bankable supporting feature in the British edition of THE AVENGERS.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN is prominently featured in the advert's artwork and mentioned in the text top-left but isn't one of the available titles (it probably should have been the last option listed).  This may be because someone boobed or - probably - plans changed at the last minute because the UK weekly was cancelled, after only 18 issues, just as this advert appeared.

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