Wednesday 19 June 2013


Here's a legendary bit of tosh from the MARVEL UK vaults: the ubiquitous 1983 advertising campaign for - of all things - SLIPSTREAM LUBRICANT (no sniggering!) courtesy of The Synthetic Lubricant Co. Ltd.

This full-page colour advert (and accompanying half-page mail-away offer) appeared across the Marvel UK line for what seemed like ages (it was probably only a month-or-so).  The uncredited (I feel like I should know the artist... but I don't) strip was a desperate attempt to make the most unsexy of products appeal to a young audience.  You have to admire the end result, even if it IN NO WAY tempted me to buy the stuff.  I'm not sure why you'd even bother to order it... surely if you need something lubing (behave) you just pop down to the local hardware store... not wait 28 days for a can to arrive via Royal Mail.

Was Redan Place deluged with orders?  I somehow doubt it....

But - surely - it's time for the Slipstream man to be revived?!?

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  1. Higgins on the strip, Dillon on the ad. Great blog, btw.


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